Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Hello there.
Looks like we’re late to the show again. Here’s the original art listed today which will still end Sunday night.

Our son was in a baseball tournament this past weekend, and they did better than expected. This was good news for them, but it kept us at the ballfield longer and we weren’t able to get any of the original art listed on Sunday. We also now have our new cheater quilt patterns listed for those of you that were eagerly awaiting them.
So baseball season is now over, and we should be getting back into our normal work schedules again. But I will miss my folding chair, and my giant juice jug filled with tap water. I’ll even miss the conversations I had with the little kids that came around to pet our sheltie.
“Can I pet your dog?”
“What’s her name?”
“His name is Tuesday.”
“I saw him on TV last night.”
“Really? Was he wearing a hat?”
“Yup.” She sits down in Jo’s empty chair and starts humming. “Where do think that music’s coming from?” she asks.
“I thought that was you.”


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