Monday, August 24, 2009


Hey, everyone!
Here’s what we have listed now, and there’s more to come on Tuesday…

Normally I’m up late at night on Sunday writing these newsletters, but this past Sunday night I went to a concert in Portland. I went to see Jack White’s new band, The Dead Weather. Jo asked me, “Don’t you feel a little old still going to rock concerts?”
“No, not really.”
I still feel the same, and concerts haven’t changed much since I was in high school. The room slowly gets hotter from everyone’s body heat…there’s a guy who’s had too much to drink that just has to dance…and the smell of skunk weed is overpowering, even though the source is never apparent. The only thing that looks really different these days is all of the cell phone cameras out taking video. Here’s a clip one of my fellow concert goers took and posted just a few hours after the show ended.
I don’t think Jo feels safe when I’m gone late at night. I came home and found a hatchet within reach of our bed. A hatchet, Jo? Really? I guess you never know when you may have to fend off an Apache attack.


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Cait* said...

I'm only 23 and was, and still pretend to be, a serious concert goer. And lately, I've felt that the heat and steam produced by other stumbling concert goers as a hinderance. Bands that I love are getting younger and younger crowds....isn't there something in Dazed and Confused about that...?