Monday, August 31, 2009


Hello teachers and students,

It’s almost back to school time here on the Oregon coast! Jo and I are only 4/5 as excited as we usually are this time of year. Our school system here is strapped for cash, just like everywhere else. We’ve already combined the middle school with the high school, so now we’ve moved on to shortening the school week to four days. Where was this financial crisis when I was in school? We had all the money in the world to waste back then. The ground was littered with brand new pencils broken in half from pencil fights, and our teachers were handing out dittos like they grew on trees. Ah, dittos. I haven’t smelled a purple inked ditto in over twenty years.
So now it’s time to shop for new clothes for the kids. Our son hit a growing spurt this year, so his jeans make him look like he’s going clamming. I say give him a bucket for his books and just go with the look. But I should stop now from pretending that I have anything to do with dressing the kids. Jo hasn’t let me pick their clothes since I sent our daughter to kindergarten in a turtle neck and pajama bottoms.


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