Monday, September 7, 2009


Here’s what we made for you…

I never take pictures other than the ones of our art. I don’t even have batteries in my camera, just an AC adapter to plug it into the wall, which my daughter finds hilarious. It may as well be a steam powered camera in her eyes. So one of the nice things about our friend, Matt, living here in town now is that he takes pictures everywhere he goes like a tourist. Here’s one he took of me and my son on a hike up above the Salmon River.

It looks like we’re near a cliff’s edge, but it’s a gentle slope down in front of us. There are, however, plenty of places to fall to your death, if that’s your sort of thing. One of the things that I love about the Oregon coast is that all of the dangerous spots haven’t been gated off the way they have in the Orlando area where I grew up. I like it when it’s left up to me just how reckless I want to be.
Lately I’ve been pressing my luck as an invisible cyclist at night. I guess I didn’t realized that my bike’s headlight had grown quite dim, and was really of little use on these dark streets near the beach. I surprised some deer and a family of raccoons as I let loose down a hill in the pitch black at speeds that made my eyes dry up. But don’t worry on my account. I promise to be more careful…someday.


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The Rustic Victorian said...

Oh,,what a great shot,,,I am homesick again,,,thanks,,,I mean that.