Monday, September 14, 2009


It’s my 200th newsletter!
I’m celebrating today by mowing the lawn and by paying my quarterly state taxes!
You can celebrate by following the link below to our art…and you can come help me rake the lawn if you want to.

Time is passing quickly. When I started these newsletters, our daughter was just a middle schooler. Now I find myself booking flights to go check out colleges with her. In less than two weeks, we’ll be in Minnesota looking at Carleton College, then it’s on to Massachusetts to visit Hampshire College. I’m hoping they have scholarships for children of hobos, because I plan on packing for the trip in my normal transient fashion…hard boiled eggs in a sock and plenty of cans of tuna fish. I grew up in the suburbs, so where I got these habits, I don’t know.
So Jo will soon be pulling the cart without the horse, since she won’t be coming on this trip. I wish she were coming with us though. She’s better at meetings and such. I’m better at driving, navigating, and carrying heavy luggage… but I usually let her do the talking. We’re a team… kind of like Master Blaster from Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. If I could carry her on my shoulders everywhere to speak for me, I would.


“Master Blaster runs Bartertown.”


maryann zbel said...

Hampshire College does have excellent scholarships for hobos. I should know. Good luck.
Aunt Maryann

Susan at Winterberryfarm Primitives said...

Hi Dylan,
Love your stuff! When you are scouting around Massachusetts with your daughter, come on down to Delaware and check out the University of Delaware! A great 'big' university in a friendly little state! I am a not only a fellow blogger and online store owner, BUT I am also a PhD student at the great UD! Go Blue Hens! We would love to show you and your daughter what is so great about this hidden gem (we aren't called the "Diamond State" for nuthin!).

Kipik said...

...haha! You would just need a really long coat for the 2 of you then... I wouldn't be surprised if you already had made one...