Monday, November 9, 2009


Hello, jugglers.
Here’s what we made for you this week…

And our patterns can be found thusly…

I think my newsletters may be dangerous. Don’t worry, not to you. Just to me. It seems like every time I make some innocent reference to something in one of these here friendly updates, it comes back to bite me that very week. It’s happened more than once, but I‘m just starting to catch on. You may remember awhile back when I said something about liking the fact that all of the dangerous spots along the Oregon coast aren’t gated off, and that there are plenty of places to fall to your death, if you‘re into that sort of thing. Now don’t tell Jo, but shortly after writing that, I was hiking up at Cape Lookout and came closer than I care to admit to making that my sort of thing. Only my cat-like reflexes saved me.
More recently, the Central Time Zone took a swing at me while I was juggling. I’d better explain. First of all, the Central Time Zone did not appreciate my comment last week about the people living there being left on their own to calculate when things are happening elsewhere. I don’t think it liked me mentioning its name at all. Now, as far as the juggling act I was doing. . .I was actually juggling money, which has become quite the art form in the world these days. Know what I’m talking about? I can hand my landlord a check on the weekend with a smile on my face, but I know I’m going to be at the bank to make that check good on Monday morning as they unlock the doors. I’ve got to take my Paypal debit card to the ATM to get the cash I need to do so, but it will only let me take out a certain amount per day. Now, I needed two days worth of withdraws from Paypal to make this rent check good, but the second day found me at the ATM getting my card declined over and over. I came back home and called Paypal only to find out that they go by Central Time. So the night before at 10:30 Pacific Time when I took out money was the same day as far as they were concerned. But what about the rent check? Was the landlord on the way to the bank with my bouncy check? I had to do something, so I went to the grocery store and got cash back with my purchase. . .six times within two hours. I may have even done some costume changes in there too.
Isn’t juggling fun?


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