Monday, November 16, 2009


Hello, all.
Here’s the art. . .

And our patterns can be found here…
Our daughter applied for early decision this week to her first choice college. It was a somewhat tense week of proofreading and website building. Here’s the website we made together to showcase her art to them.
She put in her two-week notice at her job at the clothing store yesterday, so that she can concentrate on applying for grants and scholarships. But before she could end her career there, the place got robbed today while she was working. The pregnant manager was tied up in the backroom while the armed robber looted the safe. Fortunately, our daughter and the rest of the employees were unaware that any of this had happened until the police showed up after the fact. She was not the least bit rattled by her proximity to this dangerous situation. I guess that feeling of invincibility comes with youth.
I remember when Jo and I were still teenagers, and Jo worked late at night by herself at a sub shop in Orlando. This guy came in and said that the lump he was holding in his jacket pocket was a gun. Jo was not impressed.
“You don’t have a gun.”
“Yes I do.”
“Lemme see it.”
And with that Jo just gave him a face, which would later be reserved for me, and with an exaggerated motion of her hand, hit the alarm button. He left quickly without completing the transaction. Jo, like our daughter, was not rattled by the incident, though she did begin to call me after this whenever too many crazies were hanging around there. I would go up there and act crazy myself, making them feel unwelcome enough to leave. I was paid for my security services in sandwiches. It was at this time that I discovered that I did in fact like mayonnaise on my subs. Sorry, Dad.


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