Sunday, February 28, 2010


Hello, friends.
As always, here’s where you’ll find our latest work. . .

This was a week of out of town trips for us, but we did manage to get some work done. We went to a high school production of “The Music Man” in Hillsboro, near Portland. It was incredibly professional. I probably saw the movie a thousand times when I was a kid, so it was fun to compare this recent production of it against my childhood perception of the story. I think I misunderstood a lot of the premise when I was a kid. Just subtle things, like that the music man was a con artist. I was trusting kid.
I also took our daughter up the Pacific University this week for a scholarship competition. I brought my ipod and a cheery autobiography about surviving the holocaust to help pass the time, but my plans were dashed. They had a host of seminars for us parents as well, all about paying for college. Once again my dreams were crushed when I was told that my plan of collecting aluminum cans may fall short of its goal.


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