Friday, February 19, 2010


Hello, all.
Here’s the art. . .

So I’m half way through my February tests, and so far so good. The two tests are, of course, Valentine’s Day and Jo’s birthday. I got an A+ this Valentine’s Day, but it hasn’t always been so. I once paid $50 for a dozen nearly wilted roses at the local grocery store on Valentine’s Eve. I think waiting until the last minute is the number one reason for getting points knocked off. You want to give something that says “I’ve been planning this for years.” Wilted roses fits that description, if you ask me, but what do I know?
We’re looking forward to seeing our friend’s son’s musical tonight, The Music Man. Their school apparently has a lot of money and a top notch drama department. In contrast, when we first moved here to the Oregon coast, Jo and I were stunned by the first school performance we went to. A child with a script in one hand and a torn piece of cardboard in the other walked across the gym floor and read her script without looking up. It took us a while to realize that the scrap of cardboard she was holding was supposed to be a boat, but they had just drawn on it with standard pencils, making lines that were nearly invisible. The other disappointment of the evening was that the principal had to tell the PARENTS several times to keep it down during the performance. Personally, I would have fired off a couple of shots in the air, but I don’t want to tell her how to run her school.


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