Sunday, March 28, 2010


Hello, world travelers.
Here's our newest work. . .

Our daughter is home from her trip to Ireland, Wales, and England. I picked this picture to illustrate her trip because it's one of the few pictures she brought back on her camera that wasn't of an ornate doorway or a close-up of her breakfast. And it seems that every picture that she's in, we're getting the thumbs up. "Is nice!"

One of her many adventures included an emergency landing to hand over a drunk passenger to the authorities. Apparently he had made some threats to the flight staff, which was a bad idea even before 9/11. The pilot was clearly agitated and landed a little rougher than usual, causing more delays while the mechanics inspected for damage.
She also brought back some cockney slang she learned on a ferry from some bloke. For example, if he were to tell her to "take a butchers at a picture of him on the apples in a brand new whistle and titfer," that would be asking her to take a look at a picture of him on the stairs in a brand new suit and hat. It all makes perfect sense.
Butcher's hook...look
Apple and pears...stairs
Whistle and flute...suit
Tit for tat...hat

Someone should translate the bible.



Cheers! brave broads traveling abroad and making it home safely once again.

Signe said...

Dog and Bone = phone!
love Ireland and england, boig thumbs up! Never been to the States though.. ( except for in my head and though programs on nat geo and discovery.)