Sunday, April 4, 2010


Remember, Dylan, no religion. . . no politics. . .so. . . Happy Holiday!
Anyone have a nice holiday egg hunt today?
Wait, some people are offended by hunting.
Anyone have a nice holiday egg capture and release today?

Good grief, here's the art. . .

Apart from sewing and stuffing tiny dolls with my big old sausage fingers, I worked on my music video this week. I spent about three hours getting the trickiest shot of the video done. . .which only lasts about 5 seconds on the screen. By my calculations, I should be finished around. . .never. I needed my Lincoln puppet to smoke another cigar (like in the first video) but my hand rolled cigar of tea (not code for anything) wasn't working this time. So I got out my Grandpa Curry's old tobacco pouch, that I inherited about 25 years ago when he died, and rolled one seriously stale miniature cigar. I proceed to smoke it through a series of bendy straws hidden behind the puppet's arm. So if you were watching, Grandpa, that was for you.


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