Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Hello, all.
This is a rare and highly collectible Wednesday newsletter!
I have one announcement and one story for you.
Which would you like first?
Alright, the announcement. . .we are the featured sellers right now on etsy. It's a two day gig, so go be a witness to this monumental moment in history!
Ok, I may have exaggerated our place in the history books, but check out the interview anyway. . .

Now a quick family story, then I'll leave your Wednesday alone. Jo's aunt just sent us one of those cards in the mail that plays a song when you open it. Now I hate to think of something with batteries and a speaker hidden inside as being disposable, so I took the guts out of it and booby trapped our daughter's dresser drawer with it. But unlike the card that stops playing the song when you close it, the drawer would continue playing the song over and over. I knew it would startle her, because she's pretty easy to scare, but it didn't even occur to me that I wouldn't be the first suspect on her list after discovering what it was. It went off early in the morning as she was dressing for school, and her first thought was that a serial killer had gotten her whole family and was now toying with her. What an imagination on this one.
So that was a second use for those electronics. Now the batteries are going to replace the dead ones in our garage door remote.
If a serial killer doesn't get me, I'll see you on Sunday. . .


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