Saturday, May 1, 2010


Hiya, all.
As always, the new stuff is up in the attic.

I mentioned last week that I had an idea for puppets with TV heads for my video. Well, I'm one step closer to having them ready. Here's a work-in-progress picture.

That's an iPod touch inside the brown one. They still have to get paper mached on the back and painted. . . get their knobs, antenna, etc. I think these would actually be a cool way to watch a movie on an iPod touch. I can see hipsters all over the world clamoring for one. . .that is if hipsters are capable of clamoring.
"Whatever, man."
Yes, you will be hearing a lot about my adventures in music videos in the coming weeks, because I'm spending all of my spare time working on them. The Cart Before the Horse is MOVING after the school year is over, and the puppet set must meet its fate with a wood chipper in just a couple of months.
We could conceivably move anywhere we want. All we need to do business is an internet connection and a post office. . . and that describes just about everywhere. But we're not actually going too far, just to Sherwood, Oregon, where the schools are better. I like moving, and will make the decision to do it in a split second. When Jo asked me eight years ago if I wanted to move to Oregon when she finished college, I answered something like, "I don't see why not." Or maybe it was, "Whatever, man."
We didn't have jobs waiting for us or any money. . .just a couple of brand new credit cards, and an itch to go.


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