Monday, May 17, 2010


Hello, everyone.
We don't have any new designs finished this week, but there is still plenty to choose from--

Sorry for the lack of newsletters the last couple of weekends. Two weekends ago we had house guests, Angi and Silas, so I played hooky from my usual routine of writing the newsletter. But it's rare to meet people that really live and breathe their art like these two do, so I wanted to give them my full attention while they were here.
Since they left, Jo and I have been endlessly driving back and forth to Sherwood, Oregon looking for a house to move into next month. We've been beaten to the punch at every house we've been scheduled to see so far, sometimes getting the phone call saying the house is no longer available as we pull up. But the biggest surprise has been the number of scam listings we've encountered on craigslist. It goes something like this: a house that's perfect in every way, and quite affordable is ready to be rented right now. . .the only problem is that the landlord had to go to West Africa to care for a dying child, so could we send a wire transfer for the deposit to them there?
Ummm. . . no.
We got to one house before the owner could come by and clean up all of the foreclosure notices and unpaid lawn maintenance fees stapled to the door.
My favorite scam was the one that said, "Ignore the sign in front of the house that says 'NOT FOR RENT!' We put that up ourselves to scare away real estate agents."
How does that work exactly?
But not to worry. We'll find the right house for us yet.


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