Sunday, May 23, 2010


Hello, friends.
We're happy to say that despite all of the house hunting we had to do this week, we still managed to make something new to share with you. Here 'tis.

I'm also happy to say that we GOT A HOUSE!!!
It was quite the rat race, but earlier today we finally managed to be first on the scene, AND stood out as the exemplary tenants that we are. We move in on July 1st. Now it's time to hit the liquor store. . .for moving boxes. What did you think I meant?
More good news. . .my next music video will make its much anticipated world premier on Sunday, May 30th. It's pretty much done, except for some minor tweaking. I'll send you a link next week. I had hoped to get the third video done as well before we moved, but that would be lunacy. They are way too much work to rush through, so the puppet set will be coming with us after all to our new digs, dig? By the way, I was only kidding before when I said my puppet set had a date with a wood chipper. When it is time to retire the beast, everything will get recycled into the art.
Speaking of art, do you need any? We'd love to make you some.


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