Monday, September 6, 2010


Hello, friends!
Sorry to be gone so long.
Here's the art. . .
... and there's more on etsy.
Since we last spoke, Jo and I have been feverishly creating pieces for the Halloween and Vine show. You have to watch yourself before sitting on the couch around here. . . there are tiny body parts and heads everywhere.
I helped our friend, Matt, sell his art this week at a guerrilla style art show in Woodstock. That's Woodstock. . . as in the neighborhood of Woodstock in Portland. Everyplace in Oregon is named after somewhere else. So some local young people invited artists and bands to come art up the street, which they blockaded off without permission from the city. But they had asked all of the local businesses, and everyone was cool with it. Matt's jewelry and art made from old skateboard decks drew a lot of compliments and sales. You can check it out here.
So that Woodstock gathering got me excited about selling my own folk art at local shows. I haven't made many guitars or record players out of old junk in the last few years, but I'm going to work on them again and sell them locally. We seem to have the right crowd here to appreciate that sort of thing. Here's a guitar I just finished.

See you later. . .


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just me said...

you are in the perfect area for it! remember as a kid my uncle would take us to all the cool art shows, farmers market, and outdoor music shows. Why he loved portland so much was for the art.