Monday, September 13, 2010


Hello, all!
Here's our website, home of our art, and here's etsy, where we rent a room with a view.

Apart from continuing to work on art for the upcoming Halloween and Vine show (52 pieces in the works), Jo and I have been editing. I think editing is the right word for it. We're editing our wants, editing our possessions, and redefining our needs. We got rid of cable TV a while back, and we don't miss it at all. . .not the programming or the bills. We got rid of one of our cars immediately after dropping our daughter off at college. She's using a bike to get around campus, and I'm using a bike to get around town, so why do we need two cars sitting in the driveway? The next thing to go is. . .just about everything, but we'll wait until our son goes off to college in a few years for that. Jo and I have been talking about building a tiny house on a trailer, which has some big advantages. First is that we could build our house in just a few weeks, and it won't take 30 years to pay off. If we use recycled building materials, which are plentiful and free around here, we can build it for almost nothing. The second advantage is that we can take it anywhere, following the good weather, art festivals, or our kids. "That's right, we're parked in your driveway. Deal with it."
Yes, there may be a few disadvantages, like having to get rid of just about everything we own. But we find ourselves using such a small percentage of it each day, maybe it won't be so bad. If you can't picture what I'm taking about, here's an example.

We toyed with the idea of building this thing now in our backyard, like some homemade boat that we tinker on for the next three years before launching it, but we've decided to wait. We'll just keep editing for now.


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