Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Hello, all!
Sorry that I've gone missing in action again.
We have been toiling night and day (do people still toil?) getting ready for the Halloween and Vine show this Saturday in Petaluma, California. It's our fist show, so we were starting from scratch. Our next show will be a piece of cake now that we have a display built. Some of the display is taken from my puppet set, and some of it (like the sign) was whipped up in the last few days. Here's a picture for ya. . .

We'll be taking highway 101 down the coast, borrowing Jo's mom's Prius to save gas. . . and save us from having to deal with some of the quirks our old Volvo wagon has. The fact that the passenger side window doesn't roll down is nothing but charming when we run our errands locally, but on a 13 hour drive, not so much.
Our website is still up and running, but we've put our Etsy shop in vacation mode until we get back. We don't have a laptop to stay connected, so we'll be hitting the libraries when we can to answer emails. That's how we roll.


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Mish said...

The display looks fantastic! Have a safe trip and may you make many sales!