Thursday, December 16, 2010


Hello, everyone.
This is a newsletter first. . .
No links in this email to our art.
Why, you ask?
Because I'm hiding them until after Christmas,
and I'm not even going to give you hot and cold clues.
We are thankful to be booked up until after Christmas production-wise.
Thank you very much to everyone that kept us so busy
this year. We appreciate your support.

So without any art to sell, what do I write?
I sat down to write some silly parody of
The Night Before Christmas.
What came out instead sounded more like
The Raven and was kind of. . .stupid.
But friends, I'll tell you plainly,
I am not above being stupid.
So please enjoy. . .
. . .a piece of work too dumb to destroy. . .

"A Magicless Christmas"

Once upon a merry Cringle
As I sat there eating Pringles
With twinkling stars upon my set
It was David Letterman
And David Arquette

When the ceiling did open
And down came a ladder
And I jumped up and was like,
"What's the matter?"

Then from the attic
Who should appear?
But six white rats
With etsy beards

They winked at me once
Which was a bit off-putting
Then they scampered away
Like they found some pudding

Another glorious Christmas ends
Good night
God's speed
Good luck


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