Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Hello, all.
I hope you had a good Christmas.
We had a fine time, but we're back to work now. You'll find us on our website, and etsy.
We made a few home-made presents for family this year, as you might expect. Jo's brother, Andrew, asked me several weeks ago if I wanted to help him record the Beatles' song "When I'm 64" for my in-laws. His step-dad, Steve, just turned 64 this year, and Andrew sang it at their wedding years ago, so it has some significance to them. It's not my favorite Beatles song, being more of a John guy myself, but I think we made it work. We passed the 16 track recorder around so that Steve's sister, Kate Power, and her husband, Steve Einhorn, could sing and play a bit of banjo and guitar on it as well. We even talked Jo and our daughter, Kaity, into singing a few lines in the last verse. Our son wouldn't sing, but we put the squeeze on him tight enough to get a few whistles out of him for the song. So if you're interested in hearing it, you can download it using this link. If you click on it and it doesn't download, try right clicking on it, then choosing "save target as."

When we played it for them on Christmas, we were hoping they'd recognize the singing voices as their family, but they thought it was the Beatles until they heard some of the lyrics changed. We got rid of "Vera, Chuck, and Dave" and replaced it with their grandkids, "Jimmy and Kaity Rae." Once they realized what they were listening to, they were brought to tears. Score!

Here are the credits, in order of appearance:

Bass and lead guitar-Dylan Curry
Drums, vocals, and guitar-Andrew James
Banjo and vocals- Kate Power
Guitar, vocals, and "mouth trombone"-Steve Einhorn
Vocals-Kaity Curry
Vocals-Jo James
Whistling-Jimmy Curry
Vocals-Yellena James

Hope you enjoy it. . .

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