Monday, May 18, 2009


Yes, we’ve been busy on the art this week…and here ‘tis…

So what do Jo and I do when we’re not sewing or painting? Looking at old farm houses for sale online has been our latest pastime. Each one can have such a personality of its own, and some can be downright scary. One house looks like it could eat you with its little covered doorway beak, and another looks like some doomsday cult all drank the Kool-Aid no more than a day or two before the pictures were taken. Sorry, but a house with pews in the living room and a tiny price tag throws up a few red flags for me.
But we’re not really looking to buy a house until our son has graduated high school in four years. That way we don’t have to consider being near a good school…or near anything for that matter. You think we’re weird now, just wait until we get a few acres between us and the neighbors.


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canngil said...

Love the monkey girls!