Sunday, January 3, 2010


Hi, all.
Here’s the art. . .

We’re really proud of our new Alice in Wonderland set. One aspect of this new direction we’re taking is rethinking the mechanics of these dolls, as you can see if you lift Alice’s dress. (Cheeky monkey!)
I know some of you may have already seen this on Jo’s blog, but for those that haven’t, here’s a picture of almost all of the art that we made in 2009.

There are a few missing, I’m sure, but it’s still impressive to see them all in one place.
I was kind of hoping that all of them together would form a picture of something when you stand back far enough, but alas. Maybe I just haven’t stood back far enough, but the neighbors have asked me to stay on my side of the fence, so we may never know.
Jo and I watched a show recently that did a little bio on some artists, and filmed them in their homes doing an art tutorial. I told Jo that if we got on that show, I’d act like this crazy guy that I used to work with, who ended up stalking me. I can do a dead on impression of him, which I would have to keep up the entire time the camera crew would be at our house. Jo, of course, is not impressed with my impression, or my idea.



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PJ Hornberger said...

I'm waiting to see the stalker impression... and the show. That amount of work is making me tired...

rita said...

Hello! My name is Margarita.I love your dolls.I see them only one week ago.And I lived this week with strong influence of all those days. Your family creativity is doubly remarkable ! I have a question: what dolls were the first - your first dolls.I would like to see what you started with. I wish you all the very very best.Rita.