Sunday, May 30, 2010


Hello, music fans.
We will have some new pieces to share with you soon on our website. We've made some of our skeletons in different sizes, I just need to edit their pictures and get them onto our website. But I didn't want to wait any longer to send the newsletter, because my music video for Old Ghost is finished and ready for you as promised. Be sure to watch it in HD. Here 'tis...

I had a lot of fun putting together the credits because it was only a matter of hours from the time that I had the idea to the time they were finished. . .unlike the music video which was really the product of several years worth of days off tinkering in the garage. But I tried to enjoy every step along the way, from studying the original set in the Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus, to building the puppet set and instruments, sewing the puppets, shooting it with my son, Jimmy, as my main go-to puppeteer, editing it on the computer, and a million other steps I won't bother to list. I have no idea how many hours were logged working on this and the first video, and I have no idea why I did it other than I felt compelled to. I had an idea that seemed like a good one, and I was tired of hearing myself talk about good ideas without seeing them through.
Now I have to move on to the next video, the next song, the next scheme, the next fill in the blank that makes me jump out of bed in the morning (or early afternoon.)


Sunday, May 23, 2010


Hello, friends.
We're happy to say that despite all of the house hunting we had to do this week, we still managed to make something new to share with you. Here 'tis.

I'm also happy to say that we GOT A HOUSE!!!
It was quite the rat race, but earlier today we finally managed to be first on the scene, AND stood out as the exemplary tenants that we are. We move in on July 1st. Now it's time to hit the liquor store. . .for moving boxes. What did you think I meant?
More good news. . .my next music video will make its much anticipated world premier on Sunday, May 30th. It's pretty much done, except for some minor tweaking. I'll send you a link next week. I had hoped to get the third video done as well before we moved, but that would be lunacy. They are way too much work to rush through, so the puppet set will be coming with us after all to our new digs, dig? By the way, I was only kidding before when I said my puppet set had a date with a wood chipper. When it is time to retire the beast, everything will get recycled into the art.
Speaking of art, do you need any? We'd love to make you some.


Monday, May 17, 2010


Hello, everyone.
We don't have any new designs finished this week, but there is still plenty to choose from--

Sorry for the lack of newsletters the last couple of weekends. Two weekends ago we had house guests, Angi and Silas, so I played hooky from my usual routine of writing the newsletter. But it's rare to meet people that really live and breathe their art like these two do, so I wanted to give them my full attention while they were here.
Since they left, Jo and I have been endlessly driving back and forth to Sherwood, Oregon looking for a house to move into next month. We've been beaten to the punch at every house we've been scheduled to see so far, sometimes getting the phone call saying the house is no longer available as we pull up. But the biggest surprise has been the number of scam listings we've encountered on craigslist. It goes something like this: a house that's perfect in every way, and quite affordable is ready to be rented right now. . .the only problem is that the landlord had to go to West Africa to care for a dying child, so could we send a wire transfer for the deposit to them there?
Ummm. . . no.
We got to one house before the owner could come by and clean up all of the foreclosure notices and unpaid lawn maintenance fees stapled to the door.
My favorite scam was the one that said, "Ignore the sign in front of the house that says 'NOT FOR RENT!' We put that up ourselves to scare away real estate agents."
How does that work exactly?
But not to worry. We'll find the right house for us yet.


Saturday, May 1, 2010


Hiya, all.
As always, the new stuff is up in the attic.

I mentioned last week that I had an idea for puppets with TV heads for my video. Well, I'm one step closer to having them ready. Here's a work-in-progress picture.

That's an iPod touch inside the brown one. They still have to get paper mached on the back and painted. . . get their knobs, antenna, etc. I think these would actually be a cool way to watch a movie on an iPod touch. I can see hipsters all over the world clamoring for one. . .that is if hipsters are capable of clamoring.
"Whatever, man."
Yes, you will be hearing a lot about my adventures in music videos in the coming weeks, because I'm spending all of my spare time working on them. The Cart Before the Horse is MOVING after the school year is over, and the puppet set must meet its fate with a wood chipper in just a couple of months.
We could conceivably move anywhere we want. All we need to do business is an internet connection and a post office. . . and that describes just about everywhere. But we're not actually going too far, just to Sherwood, Oregon, where the schools are better. I like moving, and will make the decision to do it in a split second. When Jo asked me eight years ago if I wanted to move to Oregon when she finished college, I answered something like, "I don't see why not." Or maybe it was, "Whatever, man."
We didn't have jobs waiting for us or any money. . .just a couple of brand new credit cards, and an itch to go.